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Welcome to AbusiveChurches.org!

"What is this site all about?" you might ask. Its main purpose is to provide information about cults that masquerade as churches. If you think that cults are just groups of wild-eyed fanatics selling flowers at the airport and following some bald-headed guru in a toga, or that the leader of a church has to think he's Jesus for the group to be a cult, then take a few minutes to browse through this site. You might learn some things that will surprise you.

We started this site shortly after we left an abusive church organization, Christian Fellowship Church Ministries International (or CFCMI). Initially, we just wanted to tell our side of the story, so that members would have an opportunity to get unfiltered information about why we left, but many things have changed since then. We obtained and posted the transcripts of the founding pastor's trial (and subsequent conviction of sex with a minor), and we set up forums so that others could come and contribute information about their experiences in CFC.

Members of other groups are also welcome to use the forums to discuss their cult experiences. We know that there are many groups out there just like CFC, but there are very few sites that provide any meaningful assistance to them. We want this site to be a place where people can learn about these groups and help put them out of business.

If you find a broken link or some other such technical problem, or if you have questions of any kind, please let us know.

If you're looking for the transcripts of Lloyd R. Davis' trial, all available pages are now posted here.