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Why We Left Christian Fellowship Ministries (continued)

by Al & Dee Mac

Al - September 11, 2000 - Grand opening! Since there was so much interest in the stuff we put on our home page, I decided to bite the bullet and spend a whopping $70 on a domain name - abusivechurches.com. "See - he's spending great time and effort to fight this church that's established by God!" Yeah, ok. Believe that if you want. The domain registration would be about 0.7% of my average annual offerings when I was in CFCMI, just for some perspective. And I spend less time in a week maintaining this site than I spent sitting in church services on a single day in CFCMI.:)

There's lots more stuff on the way, because there's so many things that have been covered up for so long, and we just can't wait to bring them out into the light for everyone to see. So stay tuned.

Al - September 27, 2000 - This isn't anything new - we've heard it all before. I'm sure some 'old-head' members will say that about what we're doing. In a way, they would be right - other people have called CFCMI a cult, talked about LR Davis' activities, etc. These people talked and harassed you for a while, and then faded away. They even managed to put your beloved bishop in jail, but even that seemed to have no effect on the church.

However, two things are different this time: (1) Davis is dead, and Thomas and Paine don't have the necessary charisma to hold things together (therefore the never-ending tribute to his life), and (2) we're not going away. We'll be putting out some stuff that the others didn't. Nobody else (that we know of) bothered to do in-depth research on cult groups and to publish point-by-point comparisons of CFCMI to other, more famous, groups. Nobody else maintained a public website showcasing the nasty parts of CFCMI you'd like to keep hidden.

So stay tuned. Even if you're just reading for entertainment value, we'll try to cater to that. Hmmm, maybe some cartoons.....

Al - October 23, 2000 - With whom do your pastors associate? - How many of you know that CFCMI sought financial help from the Church of Scientology? When Lloyd was in danger of being put away, the church worked with the Scientologists to get funds for help: they "worked with them out of necessity because Scientology offered to help them in his father-in-law's defense against criminal charges brought against him by the prosecutor's office, and that the Church had more money than God and could really be effective in helping them."

During the course of this association, it is alleged that Scientology plotted to murder the head of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) - and the hit man was going to use Pete Paine as an alibi. Instead of asking you to take my word for it, I'll let you read the hit man's testimony for yourself (this document is kind of long; searching for "paine" will take you to the relevant section):


To Pete Paine's credit, he talked the intended hit man out of carrying out the murder: "Well, you just can't go off and kill somebody, particularly if you are not sure about it." Is it OK if they are sure about it, Pete? Also, note how Pete and Rick refer to their brother: "The Eunuch." I guess whoever it was didn't demand enough respect to be called by his name.

This is not an accusation of anyone in CFCMI being involved in a murder plot, nor is it an accusation that they knew of and covered up said plot. I must also point out that the document above is just one man's account of what happened, nothing more; just because it was under oath doesn't mean it's true. Just take this as a snapshot - these are the kind of people with whom your leaders associate.

Al - October 25, 2000 - You're famous! - Hey, how many of you knew that LR's case was used to help make the case against Bill Clinton for his impeachment? Here's the link to an article on the US Senate's website:


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