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Why We Left Christian Fellowship Ministries (continued)

by Al & Dee Mac

Al - March 3, 2003 - Playing catch-up- That's what I've been doing for the last 3 years, although I just learned about another area in which I was a lot farther behind than I'd realized. I finally started back to college in January of this year, and discovered that I'd forgotten quite a lot of things in the last 13 years (10 years in CFC and 3 years since leaving). Six months ago you'd have asked me if I could do (some task) and I'd have said "sure, I can do that." As Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!" It's amazing what you forget when you spend 10 years worrying about arranging chairs and keeping brother so-and-so from talking to that female visitor.

I'm sure some people from CFC are rolling their eyes about usn's wantin to gew back to skewl, how it's the werk of the devul. If Lloyd could get by with a 6th grade education, then we should too, by golly. None of your pastors are edumacated, so why should anyone else aspire to be?

I'll tell you why - the very fact that they feel threatened by anyone with an education. Ever notice that? They feel inferior, and it shows. The problem is not that someone that has an education is better than someone that doesn't, because that isn't true. The problem is that someone purporting to be in charge of a church should have long ago learned to deal with things like envy and pride. But the leaders of CFC have to feel important and smart, and it's harder to do that when other people are allowed to become really good at things that they're naturally good at. And that's why only a hand-picked few are allowed to pursue an education or career in any real way.

I'm glad to hear that most everyone that's left has been able to get back to things that are important to them, like family and education. Some are doing quite well from what I understand. And you know what? They don't lord it over someone else. Everyone doesn't have to endure spiels about how important and smart they are. They just do things they like doing. And they're happy. What a concept.

Al - March 18, 2003 - Holy disobedience, Batman! - I hear things are really coming unglued inside those church walls. People are standing up to "the family" and asking questions that they would never have dared years ago. People are getting upset (and saying something about it) when they're treated badly, when a decade ago they would have blamed themselves for not being godly enough to make the pastor and his wife happy. Some folks are even bold enough to send letters around and try to get people to get (righteously) angry about how money is being misused. Seems the family is losing control - inquisitions, disfellowshippings and bylaws notwithstanding.

I find it funny that Ed has to take his family and run away whenever things get too stressful. Awwww...poor Ed. Can't deal with the environment you helped create? Feeling suffocated yet? Whenever there's any danger of real confrontation, Ed has to gather his skirts and run away and hide. Get the assisitant pastor to deal with it, perhaps? I hear there was no service Sunday night...I could be wrong, but I think it's been a while since anything like that happened. Ed must have had a business meeting that was more important....or he could just be scared. Hard to tell from out here.

Either way, as Jed Clampett would say, it's "Pitiful. Piiiiitiful."

Al - June 9, 2003 - Just to let you know we're still here... - It's been a while since I posted anything here, so I thought I'd just put something up to keep it from looking like we're asleep at the wheel. One of the drawbacks of attaching dates to commentary, I guess.:) I suppose a lot has happened recently; the Norfolk church has 'closed,' and people have left en masse. And it's not just newbies that are leaving - people that have been there for decades are leaving, including several of the single guys. Frankly, I'm amazed. When things are bad enough that old heads are leaving...well...that just speaks volumes.

I've even heard some rumors that there's more people meeting in the Robinsons' house than in any of the CFC congregations. That's interesting. ;) I think Ed really showed his true colors here lately, and everybody's just had enough.

Just because the Norfolk church is for sale doesn't mean we'll leave the leadership alone, but it also doesn't mean that we're dwelling on "the negative things of the past." I know several people have an honest concern about us doing so, but - take my word for it - we have a lot of things to worry about besides this site. For a long, long time now, I have found it difficult to keep up with the message board and still do minor improvements. Many of you (even those in CFC) probably spend more time watching TV than Dee and I spend worrying about this site. We appreciate your concern, but just be aware that we do have a (busy) life outside of abusivechurches.com. :)

Al - July 31, 2003 - Amazing... - Just a small observation about how much we used to give up for CFC. I've been going to school full time since January as well as working a full-time job, and I'm nowhere near as tired as I was when I was just working and doing "church work." I think it has something to do with not having to sit up and wait on somebody else's permission to go home, but I'm not sure.;)

By the way, if you don't see many posts from me on the board, that's just because I'm actually busy for a change. We do keep an eye on the board.

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