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Why We Left Christian Fellowship Ministries (continued)

by Al & Dee Mac

Al - April 1, 2005 - Wow, it's been a while.......since I posted, and to top it off here I am doing it at 1am on April Fool's day. Yes, we're still busy, but we're still around.

It's interesting to see that a lot of people are still visiting the board. I can't help but wonder what happened on the evening of January 24th, 2005 that made 53 people all come here at the same time. That's one day short of the fifth anniversary of our departure from CFC, but I can't imagine why anybody would care about that. Oh well, it's just nice to know that the "leaders" still feel it's necessary to warn people about the site.

Al - October 22, 2005 - Yes, we're still around. Sorry that we're so scarce lately; we just have a lot of stuff going on.

Al - December 11, 2005 - So....what happened? The short version is that I got a phone call from a representative of a church a while back, who suggested that I should remove some material from the forums that the organization found inappropriate. Before I could go have a good look at the forums, the original poster deleted the content from all their own comments about this church, so I'm not entirely sure what was said that was so offensive.

The forums are down for the moment, but they'll be back shortly. We will try to put together some rules to help prevent this sort of thing from happenening in the future. One thing we will not allow is for people to post material about other groups without first convincing us that the targeted organization is deserving of your comments.

We greatly appreciate the concern of everybody that called, emailed and wrote.

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