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Part VI - Where We’re Going

by Phil and Genny Davis

Well, now that I got all of the history and heavy spiritual stuff out of the way, this ought to be easy.

You may have guessed my first line regarding “Where we’re going”, which is “I’m not sure!” You probably have a good idea about my follow-up line, which is “…and that’s OK with us!”

However, the truth is that we’re not quite THAT free and easy. We want to seek God’s will more and more and we realize he is calling us to draw closer to him. We don’t have a master plan, but we have generally discussed a few things that I don’t mind laying out here.

First of all, I do believe that it is a basic human trait that in order to have discipline in any endeavor, we generally need some sort of accountability. Accountability to another human being is a very powerful motivator. Along these lines, we will likely take the next step at Horizon Christian Fellowship and actually join a Home Fellowship, where we will meet weekly with a small group to study, pray and fellowship. We know that growth will be a result.

Next, we plan to be more structured in our life for Christ at home. I think this will be a natural result of drawing closer to God through the Home Fellowship. But, it’s something we need to explicitly discuss and set goals. The focus of this effort is primarily for our children, secondarily for us.

Third, we plan to occasionally be involved in Christian-related growth opportunities outside of our local church. For instance, we plan to attend and perhaps volunteer at the Billy Graham Crusade that will be held in San Diego (perhaps his last one) at Qualcomm Stadium in May. Also, once our youngest son, Drew, is a little older (he’s only 3 weeks old right now), we plan to take part in some Christian retreats. We have found there are many, many of these around, including (since we only have boys) mother/son, father/son, family and couples retreats. These are just a few examples.

Fourth, we do plan to remain at Horizon while we’re in San Diego and look to attend a Calvary Chapel-affiliated church wherever our next duty station ends up being (we are up for orders in July 2005).

By the way, if you really want to know more of what the church we attend is about, you can visit their web site at www.horizonsd.org.

Finally, we plan to continue to seek to build healthy friendships. Part of this is continuing to encourage and support our friends who have left CFCMI, as well as those who remain involved. We don’t plan to stop actively promoting what we believe to be true and factual about our experiences there. We know that it will continue to be controversial, and we don’t mind.

As I’ve said ever since I started to get into Physics in college: “A little friction is a good thing”.

That’s all, folks.

Thanks for your patience, and please stay in touch.

Let me now close with a slight modification of my original DISCLAIMER:

I understand that many will be disappointed with us. I recognize that for a few, the things I have posted here may provide them with some sort of justification…a sort of "I told you so, I knew they were wrong" mindset. For others it may have been confusing. However, it has been my two-fold prayer that (1) for some, even if it’s only one, our story will be an encouragement and perhaps a bit of confirmation, and that (2) for ALL it will be a catalyst for some degree of independent thought and self evaluation.

It has not been my purpose to convince anyone to adopt a particular belief. I have only sought to be as transparent and honest as possible in providing a picture of the experiences and thought processes that my wife and I have gone through in searching our souls during our first two years of freedom from CFCMI.

God bless you all.

Your friends,
Phil and Genny Davis
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